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Dakota Molding has over two decades of experience working with high performance materials, designing and manufacturing superior rotomolded ducts, enclosures and fuel tanks. We are capable of developing and manufacturing products for a broad customer base, including clients in the agricultural, architectural, construction, communication, health care, industrial, transportation and recreational industries. Dakota Molding is offers both short-run and volume production to meet your needs.



Since 1996, we’ve been perfecting the process of rotomolding high performance materials into fuel tanks. This experience helped us develop a single layer system that not only meets, but exceeds the requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resource Board (CARB). It is a cost-effective solution that improves efficiency and produces a high-quality product at an affordable price.
The material we have developed has been tailored with properties that make it rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the fuel tank environment, including high impact strength. These tanks are environmentally friendly, and allow you to manage and audit your hydrocarbon emissions.


We have developed hydraulic tank technology that can easily handle the rigors of high temperature environments. All necessary port features and openings are molded in, resulting in an impeccably clean tank, which hydraulic systems demand. We work closely with component manufactures, which allows us to provide a tank assembly that is ready to plug into your machine assembly. Call Dakota Molding today-we’d love to talk with you about your hydraulic tank needs.


Our fuel tanks are made to fit complex specifications, they are made to strict cleanliness guidelines, and we perform leak tests to ensure superior quality upon installation. We use Nylon 6 and high-density cross-linked polyethylene for exceptional performance and durability, we design for assembly, and can procure and assemble units to reduce assembly costs for our customers if needed. Contact Dakota Molding today for information on custom molded fuel tanks.


The cooling system environment is intense and unforgiving; dealing with high temperatures and high pressures at the same time requires a high-performance material. We have experience in the design and manufacture of these components, using materials that can handle high-cyclic loading. We hold ourselves to the highest manufacturing standards, guaranteeing that your parts will meet or exceed your expectations. Contact Dakota Molding with questions or for a quote on cooling system surge tanks.


Dakota Molding can produce ducts in extremely complex shapes and sizes. These can be made with all the necessary features for easy assembly. Enclosures can be made much more efficiently with the rotational molding process than with metal and can be color matched to your requirements. Contact our knowledgeable staff to have your questions about custom molded ducts and enclosures answered.
Dakota Molding is committed to providing products that meet or exceed our customer’s quality requirements through process controls, automation and customer and supplier partnerships. It is our goal to offer the highest quality products to our customers at the best prices, by reducing errors, defects and waste. Contact Dakota Molding for more information on our products or with questions about the rotational molding process.

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