About Dakota Molding

We are Dakota Molding, and we’ve been in the rotational molding business since 1996. We have become a market leading custom rotational molder. We specialize in both short-run and volume production using linear low density polyethylene, high density cross-linked polyethylene and Nylon 6 plastic resins that meet a variety of regulatory requirements. Operating out of our state-of the art facility, Dakota Molding provides products well suited for Industrial, automotive, construction, recreational and home use.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Design – We can assist in the optimal design of parts for rotational molding.
  • Product Testing – All products that we ship are tested according to your specifications. Testing may include but is not limited to: leak and vacuum testing, tank cleanliness, impact strength testing and part dimensional verification.
  • Sub Assembly – We have the capabilities to attach components to rotationally molded parts.
  • Sourcing – We have the capability to get all the components you need at a great price.
  • Mold Acquisition – We have established relationships with the leading mold manufacturers and can assist in acquiring molds that meet your specifications.
  • Color Blending – We offer dry blending of resins to match virtually any color of the spectrum giving you the exact color desired.

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Dakota Molding Mission Statement

Dakota Molding is committed to providing products that meet or exceed our customer’s quality requirements through process controls, automation, and customer and supplier partnerships. It is our goal to enhance the profitability of our company through the reduction of errors, defects, and waste. We are committed to continual improvement of quality by establishing annual goals and objectives specific in nature.

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